Tips for Removing A Possum From Your Roof?

They are not readily relocated particularly if they decide to get refuge in your house ‘s loft, because these creatures are very territorial.

In case a possum has began phoning your roof house then there are several possum removal techniques that may be used.

  • Try to relocate the possum to an alternate house by creating a solid watertight house or you can definitely call your local NPWS office.
  • When it’s possible get within your attic where the possum’s nest is situated, to find. As this will encourage it to adjust you need to place the nest of the possum in your recently constructed possum house. The possum home could be repaired near a tree in your lawn, around 4 meters from the earth so that it’s away from the range of cats and dogs.
  • Utilize apple or a half banana in the new home to encourage it to investigate. You should also trim any overhanging branches in your tree or near the tree as a way to ensure it does not have access to your own roof again.
  • To keep possums from your roof scatter a few quassia chips. This will help to repel possums because these chips come from quassia plants that usually are native to South America and Central America. Most hardware stores and pharmacies sell these chips. You can also purchase them online. Instead, if you are unable to locate quassia chips you are able to repel possums by using a two boxes of high quality mothballs distribute throughout the roofing or eight blocks of camphor that is great. Nonetheless, both camphor and mothballs should not be used at the same time because they’ve been known to respond with each other.
  • Set a light in the cavity of your roof and make sure it remains on for 3 days and nights. This combo of light and scent will drive most possums out maybe and from your roof to the home you have built for them outside. Therefore, should you not hear the possum for a couple of nights then you’ve successfully removed it. Then to be able to prevent it from returning you ought to block all of the access points to the roof using timber and chicken wire. The best time to block accessibility is at nighttime.

What to do once you capture a possum

Once you have got a possum it is best to release it back in the woods. On the other hand, the issue here is that brush lands hardly every have any territories that are vacant, so releasing them here would means it’d need to compete within an otherwise unfamiliar land with other possums for food and shelter. You are able to get in touch with OEH which specializes in relocating possums to other places but it’s merely as a final resort.

Making friends with possums

Supplying a possum family with a home is a great way to encourage them to remain and assert your yard as their land. This possum will subsequently make sure others do not come close. Making friends having a possum will ensure that you’re an integral part of dialog efforts for this species.