How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Quickly!

Have you noticed red, itchy spots on your skin? The irritation may also be characterized with a bit of swelling. You’re probably wondering how these mysterious cluster of pimple-like marks came about.

Bed bugs. That’s probably the reason why you’re having these strange red, itchy marks on your skin. They’re virtually invisible because they’re very good at hiding from plain sight, lurking in the dark to feed.

Having an inclination for blood, bed bugs will sneak up on their victim during its defenceless state; usually when asleep. These pesky critters prey on humans more often; pets tend to have dense hair, which seem like an impenetrable coating that makes it difficult for bed bugs to feed. That’s why, dogs and cats are less likely to become the hosts for bed bugs.

Do you suspect having bed bugs in your home? To fend off these unwanted guests, you need to learn their ways; i.e., how they get inside your home, how they move about, or how to feed. Do you want to know more about these tiny, annoying insects?

Generally, bed bug bites produce redness or itchiness on the skin. This occurs when these tiny insects feed on their host. But for sensitive people, they get more than just mere skin irritation. In serious cases, some folks develop skin rashes; there are reported cases of activated skin allergies too.

While bed bug bites are quite vexing and displeasing, you’ll be glad to know they don’t cause any serious health disorder or trigger any potentially life-threatening condition.

If you have bed bugs at home, you might be wondering how you got them. It’s not like they just sprung out of nowhere. Here are some of the sensible reasons why you have these pesky critters in your house.

Have you been travelling lately? You’ve probably stayed in a hotel or inn. It is possible that the bed is infested with bed bugs, and you brought some of these pesky insects with you as you went home. Malls, hospitals, and other public places are other locations where bed bug presence is highly likely. Another plausible theory is that you got these bed bugs as you took a ride in a public bus or taxicab.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of bed bugs in your home, we offer these simple tips to eliminate these unwanted critters.

For starters, you need to remove all your linens, pillows, blankets, and beddings, which you suspect are infested with bed bugs. Wash them exhaustively then set the dryer at the highest temperature; the hotter the better as the heat can kill the bed bugs that survived the wash.

To contain the infested area and prevent the spread of the contagion, seal off the other areas of your home by applying botanical pesticides, petroleum jelly, or soapy water along the passages. These substances act as barriers that stop bed bugs from crawling over to the uncontaminated areas. Don’t forget to spray insecticides in their usual hiding spots. Target nooks, corners, and baseboards.